St Luke's Primary

Computing Curriculum

At St Luke's we use the Purple Mash platform to ensure progression and high quality teaching and learning in our computing curriculum.

Purple Mash is a creative online space aimed at primary school teachers and pupils, which aims to inspire creative learning, both at school and at home. This is our second academic year using Purple Mash and can safely say we thoroughly enjoy using it. Its main purpose here at St Luke’s is to teach Computing skills, but there are so many more things you can do by accessing the platform too. There are spelling, grammar and maths activities, as well as other work related to the curriculum and various open-ended tools allowing children to try their hand at story creation, art and game design, among other things.

Watch this short video of what is available on Purple Mash and how you can use it at home with your child here:

 Purple Mash Parent Video

In our computing lessons, it has allowed us to improve children’s understanding of animation, online safety, game design and blogging - taking their learning from simple algorithms and block-based programming, all the way to text-based coding. The online safety units start in Year 1 and progress through to Year 6: this enables positive online behaviours; provides a safe way for children to learn about emails and blogging; and teaches them how to express themselves safely online.

Did you know you can access all of this at home?

Your child will be given a Purple Mash login in Year 1 with a username and password. The username consists of your child’s initials and sometimes a number, their password will be a combination of four numbers. They will use this username and password throughout their St Luke’s Computing journey until they leave us in Year 6. The children are able to access all of these amazing features at home either on a computer or an iPad from the following link to our St Luke’s Purple Mash homepage:

Purple Mash Home Page 

How does Purple Mash support progression in the 3 areas of Computing?

Please click on the image below to view our Computing progression map, where you can see your child’s learning journey in digital literacy, information technology and computer science from Nursery- Year 6 in detail: