St Luke's Primary

Animal Man excitement in Year 1

We all remember the 'Animal Man' from our time in school.......but pupils in Year 1 had a really exciting morning when following their studies on African Animals as part of their Skills Based Curriculum work, a range of animals were brought in to school for them to see, stroke, feed and touch.............more so - the Animal Man was an Animal Lady - and she really brought the learning alive with her interesting stories, knowledge and passion for the creatures displayed.

We saw a range of wonderful creatures including: Owl, Tortoise, a Chameleon who ate crickets and even a Meerkat. Even Mr Miles was transfixed with the Meerkat.......and even considered one as a mascot for school :)

Have a look below at some of the amazing images from the morning.

Click the link below to see the moment when the Chameleon actually ate his lunch !!!