St Luke's Primary

Annual Parental Questionnaire Data - 2016

Each year as part of our Self Evaluation, we survey different stakeholder groups within our school . This includes: our pupils, parents, staff and our governors.

We use the findings to support our on-going improvements.

In conjunction with QDP; the UK's largest independent feedback services provider to the education and training sector, we provide a range of questionnaires and follow these up with telephone and face-to-face discussions.

We are proud to state that the statistical findings from our 2016 survey to parents/carers indicates that there is a further improvement in satisfaction.

Of course, we will not always get things right - and we appeal to our parents/carers to alert us to any such issue.......but we will always strive to address issues which we know about and look to improve the quality of teaching and learning at our school.

We are proud of our school and we hope you are too.

Click on the link to see our 2016 Parental Questionnaire Data.

We would like to thank parents also for comments which have been read, discussed and considered. Some of which are shared below:


'The school has provided excellent teaching and support to my daughter. I feel her strengths are recognised, and she is encouraged in these areas whilst her academic weaknesses are supported well.'

'Outstanding school. Can't fault any of the help/learning my son is receiving. Very proud to say my son attends a well school which constantly help his development whether he is achieving or requires extra support it is always there thank you.'

'We are very happy with St. Luke's and our daughter seems to be flourishing there. Lately she has complained that the same boy in her class keeps tripping her over but so far the school has dealt with this. On the whole I would recommend St. Luke's to others.'

'My child has settled well and appears to be making good progress. We are happy with all aspects of her education at this school.'

'I am very pleased with how well my daughter is doing! She loves going to school & can't wait to tell us what she has been doing! Thanks to the teachers for all their hard work!.'

'Very happy overall.'

'Early years at St. Luke's is an excellent start for my sons educated. He is very well supported and cared for by an excellent team of staff.'

'We have been exceptionally pleased with how well the school is run and how good the teaching and learning is. In addition, the after school clubs offered such as choir, zumba, tennis is fantastic. We are so pleased with how well our child is progressing both socially and and academically and an proud of such a good school with lots of opportunities. Thank you.'

'The school is very well run. It is vibrant and child friendly. Overall, the children all seem happy and enjoy the activities provided. The extra-curricular opportunities offered are fantastic and the topic based learning ensures inclusivity to all learners. Thank you'

'St. Luke's offers both of my children great opportunities to access learning and extra curricular events which further enrich their school lives. I am extremely pleased with the support that his teacher offers, alongside the challenge that Y6 gives. Thank you for all you do for the children of St. Luke's.'

'St Luke's has been a wonderful School in every aspect and I'm happy that my Daughter is leaving with many happy memories.'