St Luke's Primary

Bumper Crops from our School Allotment

During the early weeks of our Autumn Term, we have continued to see a huge range of crops from our school allotment. Our young gardeners led by our talented green fingered Mums have seen some superb produce.

We have seen Pumpkins, Borlotti Beans, Purple Potatoes, Sweetcorn as well as Carrots to name but a few.....!

We are very fortunate to have two great Mums who are real ambassadors for gardening.Miss Roskell and Ms Podmore continue to lead our budding gardeners each week in tending to plants here at our own allotment at St. Luke's.

 During the past few months, we have seen a whole range of superb crops grown here at school.

Our pupils have had the chance to try many of our fruit and veg crops and even Mrs Stokes'  own Guinea Pigs have eaten the green leaves from the carrots !

Not only that - but we have seen Pumpkins, Pumpkin Muffins, Paint your own Pumpkin kits, Poor Man's Capers.l

Our Garden Shop has been selling produce in order to buy mew seeds and plants ready for next year's planting season.

Apart from the usual animals which we see around the allotment, pupils were really excited to find this little chap who was seen during a session on our allotment.


We are not too sure of the type of caterpillar he is or indeed what he will eventually turn into -but he was quite a spectacular sight indeed!

 As we move into the colder months, new crops will be planted and plans made for the new growing season too.

For now, have a look at some of our images from the recent weeks below: