St Luke's Primary

'Chicken Joes Arrives at St. Luke's

As parents will be aware, we have recently taken over responsibility for managing the catering arrangements in-house here at St. Luke's. This is an exciting venture for us - but one which we are really enjoying already.

Our Catering Consultants CMC have worked closely with us during the past few months and during the past two weeks, we have seen many new and exciting changes.

New Uniforms for our Catering Team - which they chose, new Menus featuring many exciting healthy and nutritious choices.....but more than this - we are already seeing an increase in uptake of our meals.

This week, we were pleased to welcome Mario, from one of our local suppliers 'Chicken Joes'.

Mario assisted in the preparation and serving of meals at lunchtime.

On offer were a range of chicken products including: BBQ Chicken Wraps, Southern Fried Chicken, Chicken Curry as well as Potato Wedges, Rice, Corn on the Cob as well as our usual Salad and Vegetable choices.

Our pupils were very impressed with quote went as follows:

"Friday's used to be my favourite day for school dinners....but now I'm looking forward to Thursdays!"

Look out for further exciting Chicken based dishes on our 'Chicken Joe's Thursday !'

During the coming weeks, we hope to be able to provide opportunities for our School Council to be involved in Food Tasting as we plan future menu choices. In addition, food tasting will be available for parents in the coming Summer Term.