St Luke's Primary

'Code Club' coming soon........!

We are very exciting to share the news that we are very soon to launch a new exciting and innovative new club for pupils in KS2.

Many of our parents may remember back in their lives to the days of the 'Sinclair ZX Spectrum' or 'Commodore 64'. These were the happy days where we would sit for many hours typing in programmable script and create very simplistic but exciting images on our screens.

Pupil today have fewer of these opportunities......since downloadable software, CDs, disks or cartridges provide all of the necessary information for a PC or platform to conduct its job.

However......during the past year, we have ensured that our pupils here at St. Luke's have the opportunity of using a range of software including 'Scratch' and others which enables them to program PCs. But we want to go a step further.......

We will soon be launching 'Code Club' a new exciting and innovative club designed to take programming far....far......further.

We have purchased a range of exciting new hardware which will enable our pupils to program with great effect!

Pupils will be using Raspberry - not a dessert........but a highly innovative PC which gives pupils the chance to program and see some exciting results and opportunities.

Want to know more????

Take a look at and

Look out for further details very soon!!