St Luke's Primary

Day 3 of Home Learning....

So how are you getting along Parents/Carers?

We have seen some wonderful pieces of work, we have had some lovely comments and even some film from homes too.

We recognise that this situation is not ideal but we are warmed by the wonderful things going on in your homes and the lovely emails and stories which we are receiving.

We also recognise a few frustrations too - 'We've only got one PC', 'The internet connection kept failing', 'We haven't got a log-in'. 

But we are seeing a huge amount of positive things going on despite the few hiccups along the way!

So - can you help us create a virtual display of work???


Mr Miles would like to celebrate some of the fine things going on in your homes....

Keep checking back on this site for updates.

In the meantime - take a look at the handy helpful information sheet below.

Parents - You are going a great job during these challenging times

Children - We are proud of your efforts ! Keep this up !

How to support your child's learning at home.