St Luke's Primary

Great Family Challenge Celebration

During the Summer, we set our families a Great Family Challenge. Each year we set about creating a list of challenges which families attempt to complete during the holiday period.....where they can enjoy family time together, learning a new skill and achieve something as a family.

Summer 2016 was no exception. Mrs Pheasant set about creating a set of challenges which could be achieved by all. Amongst this year's were the following:

Design and cook a meal for your family

Climb a tall building or hill

Grow a Sunflower

Visit a city

Travel on a train

Visit a museum

.......and many more....!

We were thrilled with the amount of entries and the scrapbooks of evidence collected!

Our Celebration Evening was a tremendous success and gave our pupils the chance to present their parents with medals and certificates!

Well Done Everyone!! Who will join in the fun in 2017?

Have a look at our Celebration Event below.....