St Luke's Primary

Family Fun Day

During the holiday, we have been approached by NCS - the National Citizen Service which is a Government backed and funded scheme designed to support students between 16 and 18 in leading and managing a community project.

A group of ten 16 to 18 year old students have been working hard over a four week period developing skills and choosing an event and a community need to support.

After much discussion, they have chosen to support, 'A Child of Mine', which is a local charity who devote time to families who have lost a child. 

As part of their fundraising and support, they are staging a Family Fun Day here at St. Luke's Primary School on Friday 2nd September from 10am until 3pm.

A wide range of attractions, free activities as well as refreshments are available.

We hope that parents and pupils may come along on Friday 2nd Sept on our school field and playground to support this free event and the same time raise funds and awareness for this charity.

Have a look at the websites below to find out about 'National Citizen Service', 'A Child of Mine' and a poster publicizing the event. 

National Citizen Service

A Child of Mine

St. Luke's FUN DAY - 2nd Sept 2016