St Luke's Primary

'Great Big Dance Off' Success !

On Monday 5th March, our All Stars Cheer Leading Team travelled to The Albert Hall in Nottingham to take part in one of the national heats of the 'Great Big Dance Off''.

The Great Big Dance Off is a popular national dance competition open to schools all across England & Wales. This is the ONLY national dance competition aimed SOLELY at schools. The vision is to create an exciting competition bringing together children of all ages and abilities where the emphasis is on having a good time.  

Our pupils were absolutely fantastic representatives of our school - and although not winning through to the UK final this year, out of 20 schools they were placed 5th. This is a great achievement in itself!

A big word of thanks to: Gill Booth-Lyons - our superb Dance Teacher, to Mrs Fleet - who co-ordinates everything and keeps everyone focused and of course our staff members and parents who assisted and helped.

I would like to share an extract of an email received the following day:

"Just wanted to inform you of an observation of mine from yesterday at The Albert Hall in Nottingham.

Following their wonderful performance, the girls were seated with the audience during the half time interval. From my vantage point at the back of the hall I was fortunate enough to witness some lovely behaviour from the girls that I’d like to share with you.

As the final 10 acts performed I noticed our girls swaying, clapping and encouraging the other acts even though they were obviously desperate to succeed themselves. They were the only school to do this. Their behaviour was exceptional throughout, they showed great unity, spirit and dignity throughout and accepted the result graciously. They truly displayed what our school, St Luke’s is all about and I couldn’t have been prouder of them all - staff included."">

Have a look at images and film from the event below:

Click on the dancer to the RIGHT to see film of the event !!


Have a look at some of our images of the day below: