St Luke's Primary

Great Fire of London (in Cannock!)

As part of our Y2 Thematic Curriculum based upon the Great Fire of London, our pupils built their own model of the city of London and through their exploration learned much about living in the city in and around 1666. They learned much about the living conditions of a medieval city and most importantly what happened on the evening of Sunday 2nd September 1666 in Pudding Lane where the bakery of Thomas Farriner was believed to be the source of a fire which lasted for 4 days and 4 nights wiping out much of the city and its ancient buildings.

And so.....our learners experienced how the heat from a small bakery caused such widespread damage by replicating the event outside on our school field.

Complete with modern day fire extinguishers and our friends from Cannock Fire Station, we replicated the event - very successfully!

Click on the image below to see our Great Fire of London in Cannock !