St Luke's Primary

'Headteacher for the Day'

Two of our pupils had the opportunity of taking an important role during the day here at St. Luke's. They won the opportunity of being Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher for the day while Mr Miles experienced much of the day being a pupil.

Our 'new staff' were involved in many activities including: presenting certificates, taking questionnaires, choosing and ordering carpet, exploring how to spend school budgets. Here what they said:


'Our day started off as we walked in through the office in our smart suits and dresses. It was like we had skipped time and we were at our first job interview. At our surprise, we were led into Mr Miles' office and were served with cake and tea !!! It was like we were in a dream. We then walked excitedly into the Hall and stood there smiling and thinking about the wonderful day ahead. We did lots of exciting things like handing out certificates, popping from class to class and collecting information about what children were achieving in lessons. We have loved our day and would love to have the opportunity again.'