St Luke's Primary

Helping our homeless Cats and Dogs !

During the past week, Mr Miles was approached by Violet in Year 4 who asked whether as a school, we could support two local Animal Rescue centres.

Mr Miles explained that he'd never had a dog - but has had several cats and all were adopted from Rescue Centres. 

And so the plan was hatched......!

So everyone, let's see how much of a mountain of food and bedding we can gather and then split between the two Rescue Centres.

After only 3 days.......we have already gathered quite an amount .......but we don't want to stop there...... 

In the same way that we support those in need around the world.....we want to support those furry friends who give so much love to us in our homes - who actually have no home to call their own.

And so......between now and Friday 14th December '17, we want to create a 'mountain' of produce which we shall be donating.

Have you something to spare....and if you don't - would you consider purchasing something for us to pass on?  

We want to support two Rescue Centres during December:

Rosedene Recue Centre in Rushall and C.A.A.R.S in Essington

Both centres have Facebook Pages and provide a sanctuary for unwanted dogs and cats. Often volunteers man these centres and we all have a duty whether pet owners or nor—to help pets who have been abandoned.

We would ask that you could bring into school any of the following items during this week and next:

Dry/wet dog/cat food         Dog/cat treats             Old Duvets          Old Duvet covers        Toys         Old Curtains              Newspapers         Old Towels            Old Bedsheets