St Luke's Primary

Is it a new Swimming Pool?

As you are all eating Chocolate Eggs and enjoying the first sun of the Easter break - our car-park is having a 'make-over'.

Mr Miles' first impression on looking at the depth and size of the hole was that someone had planned a new Swimming Pool for St. Luke's and had simply not informed him!

Some of you may have been aware that for a number of years, the school car-park has started to 'sink' in the middle. A few years ago - a repair was made, but the result was short lived and the land began to sink again.

With the support of the Local Authority and a Geology company, the land was explored. Maps dating back over 150 years were examined to determine for sure the use of the land. The Coal Board were involved to ensure there were no mine shafts in the vicinity.

And so.......having confirmation that there were no 'sink-holes', 'mine shafts', 'ancient burial grounds' or any 'Celtic Gold'.......the diggers moved in.

The problem was identified as a soak-away which had collapsed.

We hope that the car-park is in a much healthier state for Monday 11th April.