St Luke's Primary

'Looney Tunes' Lunch Success

Bugs Bunny, Road-Runner, Elmer Fudd, Daffy Duck and others joined our pupils for an entertaining lunch during the past few days here at St. Luke's

Our own Miss Schofield, did an amazing job in decorating the Dining Room and Hall with 'themed' table mats, balloons, decorations and even lolly-pops! 

Mrs Hartshorne and her Catering Team prepared a fantastic lunch featuring 'Pop-Corn Chicken', 'Stuffed Crust Pizza' and many other popular foods.

Record numbers of pupils came along for lunch and had the opportunity to watch many Looney Tunes Cartoons featuring some of the very famous characters from Warner Brothers productions.

Huge thanks to our Catering Team who continue to do a superb job for us here at St. Luke's and a special word of thanks to Miss Schofield for her care and attention to detail.

Thanks also to our Lunchtime Supervisors who manage our daily lunches here at St. Luke's.

Have a look at some of the images from the day!