St Luke's Primary

OfSTED Inspection Outcomes - Nov 2016

We are pleased to be able to share the outcomes from our recent OfSTED inspection.

Following the visit by Her Majesty's Inspector; Marilyn Mottram and a shadow inspector, we can confirm that the school continues to offer a good quality of education. Our visiting inspector made many positive comments including:

'Pupils are happy, confident and proud of their school......many parents told inspectors that they highly value the hard-working staff'

'Your continued focus on improving the quality of teaching has addressed the issue raised at previous inspection.'

'Pupil's comments included - 'There is nowhere in the school or in the playground or on the fields that I don't feel safe'

'Parents overwhelmingly agree that their children are well cared for and feel safe at school'

'Since joining the school, you have raised have made some difficult decisions to ensure that the quality of teaching and learning continues to improve. You have not shied away from this and managed staff changes sensitively and effectively'

'In 2016, a high proportion of the most-able pupils reached greater depth in reading, writing and maths by the end of Year 6. This is as a result of particularly strong teaching in Years 5 & 6'

'Governors are highly skilled and ambitious for the school'

'The love of learning is very much alive at St. Luke's'

We are very pleased with these comments and many more within the report.

Of course, we shall be looking to continue working on those areas of our school which inspectors highlighted as future targets.

Take a look at the final report below:

OfSTED Report - Nov 2016