St Luke's Primary

SATs Information for Parents

During the past week, we have held a number of awareness sessions for parents in both Y2 and Y6. For our pupils in these year groups, assessments will take place during the Summer Term which assist the school in judging your child's progress during their time at St. Luke's.


The assessments are an important part of your child's journey through the school. The outcomes are compared with other pupils in Y2 and Y6 on a national level.

We would like to thank parents who joined us fro the events led by our staff.

We are aware that there were parents who for a variety of reasons could not join us. Of course you are free to approach staff - and perhaps discuss issues at our forthcoming Parents Meetings, however in supporting you all, we post links to the various presentations given.

Please can we remind parents to ensure that order forms for revision materials are returned to school promptly in order for us to place orders.

Please click on the relevant year group below which will provide you with the information shared at the events.

We thank you for your ongoing support and look forward to your ongoing support as we move through this academic year.