St Luke's Primary

School Council Visit the Mosque

In preparation for our forthcoming week on British Values, our School Council visited a Mosque in Wolverhampton to explore Islam and talk to members of the community there.

On arrival, we were met by Mr Asad who was the Deputy Headteacher at the Muslim school. He took us into the Mosque. We all had to take off our shoes and cover our heads as a mark of respect. We then had the opportunity of learning a little about Islam and the similarities between our own faith of Christianity and Islam.

Muslims always wash before prayers and we were shown the 'ablutions', where people wash before prayer. We visited the prayer room and learned about the role of the Imam and how he speaks in Arabic to those who visit the Mosque.

The visit was fascinating and allowed many interesting and sometimes difficult issues to be explored. We were grateful to Mr Asad and the members of the community at Masjid Al-Aqsa in Wolverhampton for allowing us to visit.