St Luke's Primary

Shugborough Week - Day 2

Our Year 6 pupils have almost completed their second day. They have taken part in a range of activities during the day including: BMX Challenge, Rock Climbing, Archery to name a few of the many challenges.

Our pupils remain very happy, content and are being supported by specialist staff as well as Mr Thornhill, Mrs Griffiths, Mrs Beaman, Mrs Pheasant, Mrs Edwards and visits by other members of our staff team.

A number of our pupils have naturally felt a little apprehensive about some of the challenges but - we have been proud where they have overcome barriers which they thought they would not do.

Whether......climbing, abseiling or riding a BMX over difficult terrain.....we have seen many of our pupils achieve much even after two days!

Take a look at images from Day 2 below.....there's a lot of images!

Many successes during the day included climbing....abseiling and cycling......!

Well done to our pupils and staff too !! Take a look at one of today's high points!

Click on the link below!

BMX Challenge Success.....!!