St Luke's Primary

Snow weather disruptions and changes

Firstly, we apologise for the inconvenience caused due to the school closures.

Unfortunately, like the majority of schools around us, the adverse weather has caused many problems - not least raising the risk of opening due to the lack of available staff, travel problems, safety on site and the increased risk to pupils, staff and parents.

As a result of closures on Monday / Tuesday, we have had to re-schedule particular events during this week. Updates to our plans are outlined below.

We are hopeful that school shall open tomorrow. This shall be confirmed by text later today. A snow plough has been arranged for school car park which is currently difficult to navigate!

Please note the following changes:

MONDAY 11th DEC: Pantomime cancelled (Now rescheduled for Jan 2018)

                                   Y6 Performance at Prince of Wales - to be rescheduled

TUESDAY 12th DEC: Y1 Eye Tests to be rescheduled in early 2018

                                    Christmas Disco Cancelled - rescheduled for Jan 2018 -  date tbc

                                    Santa's Visit Cancelled and rescheduled to Wed/Fri this week

WED 13th DEC:         Christmas Dinner rescheduled due to food delivery issues (now Friday)

                                   Santa Visit as planned (Visit 1 of 2)

THURS 14th DEC:     Y3 Egyptian Day as planned

FRIDAY 15th DEC:    Santa's Visit to St Luke's (Visit 2 of 2)

                                   Christmas Jumper Day

                                   Christmas Dinner Day


Please note that Lunch Menus will change this week due to disruption to food deliveries.

For the remaining few days, they will be as follows:

WED 13th DEC:       Sausage in Longboat Yorkshire Pudding / Cheese & Potato Pie /Jacket     Potatoes / Cold Options

THURS 14th DEC:   Assorted Chicken Joes / Vegetarian Sausage Rolls / Jacket Potatoes / Cold Options

FRIDAY 15th DEC: Christmas Dinner Day