St Luke's Primary

Sports For All

Over the past few weeks, we have been running our very own virtual sports event for all children at St Luke’s School and finally, the house team results are in!


Drum roll please…


Fourth place, with a super score of 690 points, goes to Darwin!

Third place, with a great amount of entries from this house team and a score of 770, goes to Wedgwood!

Second place, with a huge score of 860, goes to Johnson!

But in first place… beating our second place team with a score of 930, is team Anson!


We would like to thank everyone, both pupils and parents alike, who participated in the event. It is great to see so many staying active during this time.


Please see our ‘Living an Active and Healthy Lifestyle’ page for more information on the importance of remaining active and more ideas on how to do so.