St Luke's Primary

Welcome to our Victorian Fayre !

Pupils travelled back in time on the final day of this Half Term, when our Year 6 pupils as part of their Thematic Study on the lives for children in Victorian Britain, designed and created their own Victorian Fayre. Pupils across the school were given the opportunity to 'change' their money into 'Shillings' and spend their Victorian currency on the many different stalls which were set up.

We welcomed parents/carers who came along to support our pupils too.

From Toffee Apples, Hard-Boiled Sweets to Lemonade and even Shoe Shining, pupils enjoyed the chance to man their stalls, encourage others to buy their goods and generally benefited from a worthwhile activity.

Even Mr Miles had the chance to have his shoes shined on his Birthday !

Well Done to our Year 6 pupils for the excellent end to a well studied aspect of your Skills Based Curriculum.

Take a look at some of the hi-lights from our day :)