St Luke's Primary

Worship and updates from St. Luke's

As we move into the fourth week of School Lock-Down, St. Luke's continues to remain open for a small number of pupils who parents are Critical Workers at this time. We are grateful to all of our staff who continue to attend school and/or work remotely from home each day.

Despite the number of pupils being less, we are still very busy here at school and dearly look forward to everyone returning to our school community.

In the meantime - we work remotely and communicate with you via email / text and website.

We invite you to join in with Worship here from St. Luke's along with three pupils who have joined us in school this week.

 Why not read the following story with your child(ren) at home.

'My Hero is You' helps our pupils realise that even they are heroes and are making a difference to our World as we all work to stay safe and defeat the virus affecting us at this time.

'My Hero is You'

 And perhaps - you may want to join in with one or two of our worship songs which we sing here at St. Luke's:

The Lord's my Shepherd

Lord I lift your name on high

Mr Miles' Weekly Lock-Down Challenge 

If you haven't heard - take a look at our Home Learning Update for news of Mr Miles' Weekly Challenge. Prizes are up for grabs!!

Take a look at our Home Learning Update on the link below for details!

Weekly Challenge