St Luke's Primary

Year 4 Roman Inspire Workshop

Year 4 recently had the opportunity to invite a guest from home to take part in a morning of activities to celebrate the end of their topic, Roman Around. We were delighted that nearly 60 adults were able to join us for the morning. Activities included a "Senses tour" of our core book, The Thieves of Ostia, which offered the opportunity to become immersed in the sounds, sights and (some of the more pleasant) smells of the Roman era. Some of the tastes experienced were more popular than others, not many of us will be rushing out to buy buttermilk, although we discovered that the fish soup tasted better than it smelled!

We also had the chance to play Roman games, create paper models and try our hands at being archaeologists. Children designed and made mosaic key rings, which they will be able to take home as a memento of a lovely morning. Our guests were treated to a reenactment of the Roman Testudo (turtle) formation with the fabulous shields that were created as part of a recent brainy book project. The morning finished with a splendid rendition of the song, Just Like a Roman, complete with actions, and a musical poetry recital of Roman in the Playground.

Just like a Roman Video 

Year 4 Roman Inspire Workshop Gallery