St Luke's Primary

Year 6 Explore Blists Hill Victorian Town

Our Year 6 pupils enjoyed an exciting day out at Blists Hill Victorian Town during the first few days of this term.. They discovered much about Victorian life as they met the 'Victorian' townsfolk.

No cars. No TV. Just lots of learning about life in Victorian Britain.

Our pupils met some (almost) real Victorians in their authentic shops and cottages, explored curious goods from a bygone era and watched tradespeople in action in their atmospheric workshops and factories. 

As historians, our Year 6 pupils are spending the first Half Term finding out about the jobs which children were forced to do in different time periods up to the present day (plotting this information on a timeline). They have begun to investigate deeper into the lives and working conditions of poor Victorian children and used this information already to draw conclusions on whether life has got better for all children.
Pupils have begun using evidence from a range of primary and secondary sources to investigate how the lives of children improved during Victorian Times and the reasons for this change.
Y6 pupils will also be discovering more about the cost of living in Victorian Times and use this knowledge to create an exchange rate and pricing structure for our Victorian Fair which will take place later in the term.

For now, enjoy some of the images taken from the day at Blists Hill Victorian Town.