St Luke's Primary

Year 6 'Victorian Market' - Spring 2015

Our Year 6 pupils had an exciting morning celebrating the end of their creative curriculum unit focussing on 'Victorian Britain'. Pupils demonstrated their entrepreneurial skills by 'making', 'creating', 'securing' or simply offering services to other pupils in school.

Our younger pupils had the opportunity of 'buying' Victorian pennies and spending them at the many stalls selling 'typical' Victorian Fayre!

......from cakes, sweets, home-made fudge, home-made lemonade, skittle games, 'shoe cleaning' to 'Horobin's Finest Pork Scratchings'.

A whole range of products and services were offered to our pupils.

Our Year 6 pupils gained much from the experience and certainly enjoyed the opportunity.

We would like to offer our grateful thanks to parents, carers and relatives who have helped in anyway to make the day such a great success. Thank you all!

Take a look at images from our exciting Victorian Market below: