St Luke's Primary


Prayer forms a regular feature of our lives each day here at St. Luke's.

Whether saying our School Prayer, The Lord's Prayer, our Call to Worship, prayers for Lunchtime or end of the Day; pupils respectfully and thoughtfully talk to God

In its very essence, we instill into our pupils that prayer is simply about talking and listening to God. Just as a child would talk to a parent then we encourage the children in turn to talk and listen to God. In order for the children to develop a relationship with God we need to spend quality time in relationship talking and listening to Him.

Jesus put great emphasis on talking with God his Father. He would often withdraw and go to a quiet place to pray, (Mark 1:35), he taught those close to him to pray and he left us a prayer as a model for us to pray, the Lord’s Prayer.

As teachers in our collective worship, we provide the setting, the opportunity and the example for children in order that they can make their own choice to participate or quietly observe and reflect for themselves.

Prayer always features during our acts of collective worship. In addition, there will be time for reflection or prayer at other times of the day, (e.g. before lunch or home time).