St Luke's Primary

Our Well-being Team

Our school well-being team are made up of both staff and pupils.

The Change Team meet every fortnight to work towards the Well-being for Schools Award, they include:
Miss Woodgate (Well-Being Lead/Year 3 Teacher)
Mrs Callow (Deputy Headteacher/Year 2 Teacher)
Mrs Scott (SENDCo/Year 2 TA)
Mrs Denton-Irwin (Year 3 TA)
Mrs Hinks (Year 4 TA)
Mrs Salt  (1:1 TA)

If you have any ideas on how to help the well-being of our school community, please contact Miss Woodgate

Our School Council team meet fortnightly with Miss Woodgate. The School Council form an essential link between our staff and pupils. As well as working towards the Well-being Award, our fabulous Council have also arranged multiple fundraising events.
Our 2021/2022 School Council are as follows:
Year 3: Elizabeth V, Layla C, Violet S, Isabelle A, Tommy B, Arabella F
Year 4: Luke T, Eva H, Artie R, Evie
Year 5: Evie P, Jacob S, Charlie S, Jorgie B
Year 6: Billy B, Jacob B, Harriet B, Katie C