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Just a few of the many comments received by email or in writing..........................

"Hi, I would like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to all the staff at St Luke’s – particularly those working in the Reception classes and to the office staff who have always been so helpful and friendly. My daughter, Esme, started at St Luke’s in September and has had a wonderful first year at school. I have been really impressed with the learning environment and the communication between home and school. Esme has thoroughly enjoyed the learning and made so much academic progress since she started. We’ve been made to feel very welcome at St Luke’s and attended some great events which I know must take a lot of organising. We particularly enjoyed the Bonfire Night & Summer Fayre and we are already looking forward to returning for the next bonfire.Many thanks again St Luke’s – what a smashing school!!!"    Zoe McLaughlin

Good Morning Mr Miles,I would like to let you know what an impact Mr Nickless has had on the children in his class. Everyone has been full of praise for him and Mrs Evans.From our point of view in regards to Jarvis, we can only thank him. He has got Jarvis interested in reading fiction books rather just factual books, and he’s got him into writing his own stories. Not once this year did Jarvis complain about having to go to school, he has loved being taught by Mr Nickless. We have found him really enthusiastic with the children, and also really inspiring.Jarvis is certainly going to miss him next year, but he will definitely remember him for a long time.Please do pass on our thanks to Mr Nickless. Regards, Mrs Holford

"Good afternoon Mr. Miles, I hope you're well? I wanted to email quickly as I completely forgot to bring my parental response form to school just now and was hoping you would be happy to accept our comments via email instead?We were extremely pleased to read George's annual report and have been delighted with his overall progress in year 4. We always ask George to give of his best and due to his efforts (and the support from everyone at St. Luke's), we have seen his results improve during the last few years. George has thoroughly enjoyed year 4 and we would like to extend our personal thanks to Mrs. Middleton for her wonderful care, support and patience during this last school year.Thanks again to you all, have a peaceful summer and we'll look forward to seeing you again in September.  All the best,  Justin."

"Good Morning Mr Miles, I attended parents evening last night for Isla Walker in 1P and I just wanted to compliment Miss Parkes. So much effort and comprehension was put into the evaluation of Isla, I walked away feeling I had in depth knowledge of how Isla is progressing in year 1 and what we can be working on at home to help her improve.The additional work sheets for home are brilliant and Isla's looking forward to completing them.I also wanted to say how much Isla loves being in Miss Parkes class and the transition from Reception to Year 1 has been great. Kind regards, Alina"

"Firstly may I take this opportunity to thank all the staff that have helped out over this past week keeping the school open so that key workers can continue knowing their children will be safely looked after . After much deliberation I’ve decided to take time away from work unpaid until June so I can not only look after my girls but give the staff at St Luke's some respite. I’m so grateful that you helped our family out during this stressful and unprecedented period . I write this email as I haven’t had the opportunity to thank you in person for the wonderful job you and your staff have done . I’m proud that both my girls attend St Luke's and I look forward to the school reopening so that I can shake your hand and say thank you in person . Once again thank you , stay safe and see you hopefully soon . Best Wishes Rob Adams"

"Hi Miss Parkes and Miss Jordan,Thank you for the head teacher’s award. It should go to all you teachers at st Lukes for playing such an important part in our children’s education, even more so in this quite frankly horrible situation. I really hope things go back to normal soon for everyone’s sake. But please do take care of yourselves. The children adore you, and they miss you."

"We are absolutely thrilled with the progress Violet has made this year. Thank you to Miss Casa and the other staff for all the support they have given Violet. She has been given a lot of encouragement and this combined with her hard work and eagerness to learn have led to a successful year in Reception. Rachael Small"

"We couldn't be prouder of Poppy's amazing year. Thank you to all at St. Luke's who have helped Poppy exceed expectations this year, especially Miss Beddow whom Poppy adores."

"A lovely school with the child's best interest at heart from a committed staff. So glad my child attended St. Luke's. Will always have fond memories. W.Taylor"

"Wow! What else can we say? Ben has had a fantastic time in Y6 and has achieved so much - both academically and personally. Thank you so much to both Mr Thornhill and Mrs Edwards. Your enthusiasm and encouragement has brought out the very best in Ben this year. Thank you to all the staff at St. Luke's for your support thought the years. You have all been brilliant! Sarah Stanley" 

"After a disruptive start to the academic year, having Miss Casa was like a breath of fresh air. She has put in a tremendous amount of work to ensure that Fraser was up to speed with his reading and writing and we are grateful. Fraser will really miss her next year. It has been nice to see Fraser form new friendships and his personality develop through these. Thank you for everything Miss Casa and Miss Richardson. Gaelle and Paul Holford" 

"Hi, How are you doing? How many grey hairs do you have?!!!I just wanted to quickly pen an email to say how grateful I am and impressed with how quickly your staff have dealt with the massive changes needed for home schooling. Nobody had any warning or hand book for this situation. What they’ve created in a matter of days is incredible. Miss Berrow is constantly online and marking Isla’s submitted work. The work being sent for both my children is the perfect amount so we can mix education with home skills.As for the office team... they are just trojans as I know you’re aware. Poor Karen is like Boris... first year of the job and hit with this!! I hope you are very, very proud of your team! Take care, Becky X"

"Dear Mr Miles and Staff,                                        I would just like to say how thankful Meg and I are that the school has remained open and we have been able to send Toby as usual. With family no longer an option to help us out, we have had to rearrange a lot of our shifts to accommodate that and along with Butterfies nursery who pick Toby up occasionally we wouldn’t be able to work as much as we are without your support. So let there be no doubt how important it is what your doing for us and other families whose children are still attending.                   Thank you. Alex Shackleton"

"Afternoon, I just wanted to pass my thanks on to the boys teachers but do it through you. They have been brilliant in responding to the work the boys have completed and really encouraging. It has been extremely tough for me having to work too and try and sort their learning, and I have really appreciated the clear guidance given and positive feedback that I have been able to share with the boys. It has been such a tough time for everyone and I think the work set has been spot on! Thank you!  We hope you all have a good, and hopefully restful, Easter break!                                                            Best wishes,    Jacqui Cox