St Luke's Primary

Year 6 Topics

The contents of this page are revised and updated half-termly and are designed to give pupils the opportunity to further their learning at home.


Depending on the length of a half term a topic may change before the end of the half term or run over into the following half term slightly. This helps us to ensure that children have the opportunities to access a broad and balanced curriculum.

As part of our knowledge-endowed curriculum, we create Knowledge Organisers for each of our topics, which are shared with the pupils and detail the vocabulary and knowledge that they are expected to gain through that topic:

Autumn 1 Knowledge: Intrepid Explorers

Autumn 2 Knowledge: Evolution

Autumn 2 Knowledge: Biomes of Africa

Spring 1 Knowledge: What makes us who we are?

Spring 2 Knowledge: the World at War

Summer 1 Knowledge: Life is a Journey

Summer 2 Knowledge: The World Around Me

SATS Dates 2024:

Monday 13th May - Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar - Paper 1 

Tuesday 14th May -  English Reading

                              - Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar - Paper 2 (Spelling)   

Wednesday 15th May - Maths Paper 1 (Arithmetic) 

Thursday 16th May     - Maths Paper 2 (Reasoning)

                                     - Maths Paper 3 (Reasoning) 

SATS Revision - below are copies of the revision resources that your child has been given for over the Easter holiday and the answer booklets for them to self-mark as well as links to useful websites.

Year 6 Easter Revision Letter











BBC BitesizeThe Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling section is most likely to be useful for revision.  Make sure you click on the Y6 tab. 

Rollama - The new llama-themed grammar, punctuation and spelling website, full of games to play:

 BBC Bitesize Crystal Explorers

 Synonyms and Antonyms - 

Active and Passive Voice (by Zombies!)



Corbett Maths Primary - A fantastic website.  Many of the resources can be printed, but could also be looked at on screen with practise being done on paper.

5-a-day: 5 questions to practise every day at different levels.  Perfect for practising some arithmetic and reasoning each day.

Videos:  Videos to explain how to tackle different skills, followed by questions to answer.

Worksheets:  These link to the videos mentioned above.

Quizzes:  Link to Kahoot quizzes.             

My Mini Maths (Y6 Arithmetic Practice) - This part of My Mini Maths is particularly helpful when you are practising for the Arithmetic paper.  You can select the types of questions you find tricky, watch a video to help you, then try lots of examples of that type of question:

BBC Bitesize - A great website.  Again, you can choose an area to look at.  There are videos, explanations and short quizzes to help you.  (Make sure you have Y6 selected.)

Guardians of Mathematica -

 Maths Is Fun - This site is really good at explaining things and gives you practice questions at the bottom of each page.

Topmarks - You can search for games that link to specific areas of Maths. Hit the Button is great for times tables and other number facts

Missing Angles game -  Scroll down to play the game.  Once in the game menu, the first 5 game types will help you with what we've learned.

Reflection - If you want to practise your ability to reflect shapes, this will help:

Ooodle - This is great for practising the order of operations.

Maths With A Mouse -  Lots of this is useful, but remember to be careful and choose games that will help you revise Y6 Maths.  For example, if playing the coordinates game, make sure you select coordinates in 4 quadrants instead of 1.