St Luke's Primary

Nursery team (ID 1128)

Fledglings Nursery New Parents Evening -

Wednesday 12th June 2024 Presentation

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Our aim in Nursery is to give children a happy, secure and enjoyable start to their school life.

We provide opportunities for children to explore activities both independently and with adult support. We encourage our children to develop a love of learning, become more independent and confident in their own abilities and develop their relationships with other children.  

We are always available to talk to you about any issues you may have and we look forward to developing good school/home relationships with you. During the year we provide a variety of activities and experiences that develop all seven areas of the Early Years Curriculum.

There are three prime areas:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development      
  • Communication and Language Development
  • Physical Development

    and four specific areas:
  • Literacy 
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the World
  • Expressive Arts and Design

The Autumn Term is very busy as children settle in and begin to make new friends. We will be teaching hand washing techniques and reinforcing the importance of making sure that we are keeping each other safe.

In the Spring Term, we develop our knowledge of the wider world and look at different countries and cultures. We will celebrate Chinese New Year and Easter.

We will also be thinking about food and where food comes from. We will visit a local supermarket to find out about the different shops that can be found within a supermarket and sample some exotic fruits.

During the Summer Term, we will be expanding our understanding of caring for animals and will be able to get up close to some unusual pets. We also hope to have a visit to Ash End Farm to find out about farm animals.

At the end of the year, we will be preparing our children for their move into Reception by visiting classes and meeting new teachers.

We will also be thinking about our summer holidays, looking at different types of holiday and ways of getting there.

You are always welcome to visit school to chat with staff in our Nursery setting, or otherwise contact our Early Years Lead using the following email address:

Mrs L Findlay :

*There are still places available for September 2024 - contact the school office today!*